Tips For How to Remember?What You Read? for CS Exam.

Tips For How to Remember?What You Read? for CS Exam.
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How to remember, what You Read or learn is one of the most asked questions by CS Student.Major parts of the Whole CS course is Theoretical in nature, and most of the student tended to ask how to remember such as an extended theoretical syllabus.


Yes, this is the right question.Nobody can remember all the syllabus of CS course.But many of the students are complaining that I do lots of hard work and study at least 5-6 hours but still not able to pass CS exam.Because I can’t even able to remember 10% of the syllabus, What to do?

There is a gigantic line between reading or learning something and remembering something.Below are the 14 Tips by which you can improve your remembering skill.

I think it is very necessary to make the difference between to mug in a parrot fashion and understand a content conveyed in a book. In my theory, it is more and very essential to comprehend the content rather than remembering it all, word for word.


I think for remembering for a long time you should have to understand the chapter first, if you can able to read the chapter correctly, you can retain those chapters necessary information even if you think you haven’t.

When you are performed with a situation that requires specific knowledge that you have received, you will most likely remember it.


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Then a question arises how to confirm that you have understood the chapter in my view
The best way to confirm that repeat it by taking notes, I also feel that the action of taking notes supports you to retain the information.
because for writing something in your own words , you must have to understand those things which you have read.
This combined effort will promote the retention of information.



Read while moving. Yes, This is very well established tips.Get up and walk around as you make your way through a book. The additional blood flow to the brain will keep you alert, and, Mainly, research suggests that walking while reading/studying improves remember.



Try to explore and bring out emotions as you read. How did that book or chapter you are reading make you feel? Sad? Confused? Astound? Amused? Stop from time to time to be aware of your emotional connection to the book or chapter you are reading.
 Many of the Analysis suggests that we enjoy increased remember when we feel an emotional, rather than only logical connection with an book.



Impression – always Be fascinated with the ch. apter Stay and picture a view in your mind, even adding details of extent, excitement, from yourself to make the impression stronger.



Association – Link the topic you read to anything you already know. This method is practiced to great effect with memorization and the development of thought process.




Repetition  simple formula for repetition is The more you repeat, the more you remember. you can do whole chapter repetition or you can highlight main and important topic for revision.



Motivation-motivation is the point which works for whole part of your life.most of the cs student complaining that after failing 2 or 3 or 4 attempts it is very hard and boring to read the same book and same chapter .yes , here this points works for you.try to motivate while you are reading.



Desire-If your passions for passing cs exam are extremely powerful enough to connect you with something, you automatically remember.
If you have enough reasons for reading, you will remember without even trying.


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When you read something, read casually for better comprehension, and when you come to the end of book or chapter, pause and think of what you just read. Think how the knowledge or content of the chapter is important to you.




Break: after reading Book or chapter, take a 2-minute break to ease, then try to describe the topic you’ve read in your own words to yourself without the help of the book, I think it doesn’t matter if you’ve missed any details describing topic you read , just try to describe in your own words.

This is really a form of self-testing and it enables you to form stronger neural connections in your mind.


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Read slowly and deliberately.
Read smoothly and deliberately.Keep far away all the distractions ( particularly your phone ) while reading.
Try not to get disturbed during any topic or any paragraph.always try to take a break only after reading a whole topic or paragraph.


On the closing note, we exist in an information-heavy world. It is becoming very difficult to remember the knowledge from much of the incentives we receive on a daily basis.

and lastly I want to say that more you enjoy the subject or topic you are studying, it will be easier for you to remember the chapter or topic.

I am sure and hopeful these above tips will help you.



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