3 Things To Do After Failed in CS Exam (3 “R” Theory)

3 Things To Do After Failed in CS Exam (3 “R” Theory)
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Failing in CS Exam is not a Big Tragedy, but is definitely a Shocking for those students who prepares very hard and expected to pass in CS exam. Failure isn’t the end of the world; it happens to almost 90% CS Students.


I got Approximately 100+ Messages on Facebook from a student asking “Sir, I Have failed in this attempt, What can I do?, ” Sir, I am quitting CS, because I Have failed in 4 attempts, blah..blah.Question like this. So just thought to write this article which can help you.

( I also got a message from one CS Female Friends, Saying hey, how can you advise others when you can’t able to write Grammarly corrects English, you are degrading CS profession by writing such an article.And many more things I can disclose. Sorry for that friend)

I don’t think, I am degrading CS profession by writing articles. If you think, Then let me know via comment section. I will stop writing articles.

Coming to our points.

Today I am going to Explain Very Famous 3 Rs Theory, Which is RELAX, RECOUP, AND REBOUND. And how you can apply 3 Rs theory in your life to overcome failure in CS Exam.

When Your exam ended, you definitely get some relief and go for a travel destination for refreshing yourself or enjoying with friends at home.

Day by day result day comes and your fun is getting test less day by day.

The Day comes and the result will be declared. Two things happened one get failed and others get passed. This a regular process keeps happening in an exam.

You need to understand that failing is part of a learning progress.


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Think of how many times you have fallen to the ground when learning to walk for the first time. 200? Learning how to ride the Bike/Scoot, 10 times?

There are Two kinds of attitude among student after they failed in CS. One is those students who just back very strongly and others is who just deeply disappointed.

Many students just leave CS After Failing in CS Exam. Before Quitting CS Read These Articles- 10 Things To Consider Before Quitting CS

Be Strong mentally, quitting is not an option in life. You have to show who you are? And what can you do?. Your success is totally based on your attitude and thought process.

failing quotes

Whether you put as much effort into it as possible or know you could have studied more it still stings and it’s difficult to overcome.

Have you ever thought “That CS exam sucked”? This post is for you if you failed in a CS Exam or simply did worse than you wanted to do.

Never Feel Disappointed. Here I am listing 3 Things You Must Do After Failed in CS Exam.



      1. Be Relax.    

Take a Deep Break and Think you are not the only student who have failed. Never feel isolated. Also, realize that you’ve failed in other moments of life and you’re fine today and will be. Think of this recent setback as a similar moment, not as a tragedy.

Talk with friends, parents and do other things which will keep you mentally relaxed. Because if you are not mentally relaxed, It is a bit difficult to move on the next steps.

Do meditation. Drink lots of work, spend some time with animals. These activities help you to be mentally relaxed and ready to fight another CS Exam Battle.


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      2 .Recoup.     

After applying the first point you will be more mentally strong and relieved. Then it’s time to regain your direction towards your main goal.

Talk to the friends who recently passed CS exam. Try to take some advice from them.Try to relate to yourself that where I had made mistakes and how can correct them.

Ask yourself, did I study the right materials in a right manner?.If not, Then try to find why and how can I find right study materials which can help me to get more knowledge.

Also, ask yourself did I study enough to pass CS exam?. Did I study with full concentration? Whether I disconnected with the internet world like Fb, Whatsapp while studying?

Try to find your mistake and solution for your already made mistakes.

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Everything is happening for cause and your own goods, so never feel disappointed.



     3. Rebound.    

After Doing step 2 and 3, now you have relaxed and have a better perspective, what went wrong and how can correct them. Now it’s time to Rebound.

Note your Next CS Exam date and prepare a proper plan accordingly.

Prepare focused preparation strategy to get the most out of the time and perform better.

Never try to chat or phone call during your study time. Just disconnect your mobile from the internet. Keep it silent. And do 200% focused study.

Don’t blame anyone for your failure.you are the only person who is responsible for your failure.

Don’t Think about your past CS Exam score and get discouraged, rather, be encouraged that you have better resources and more information to improve and do well in the exam.

Don’t Do Silly mistakes in exam like:-

  • Skip a question without marking it.
  • Leave a question unanswered.
  • Go too fast and misread the question.
  • Second guesses a right answer and change it to a wrong answer.
  • Turn in the CS Exam before checking the answers.


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That’s it friends.if you have any suggestion or doubts or anything to ask, feel free anytime.

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