5 Mistakes You Must Avoid While Doing CS

5 Mistakes You Must Avoid While Doing CS
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There is no denial in a fact that Company Secretary is one of the most respected and tough Profession in india..Rather than saying it’s too tough, I want to say people and students are unnecessarily making it tough.There are various mistakes which are done in the process of CS Course.

After You Get Admission By Cracking CS Foundation or by Entering Through Graduation Route,Entering into CS Course is Matter of Great Pride.But Those Pride and Full of Expectation Dream Converted into Stress and Frustration after Student’s Failed in CS Exam.

During Pursuing CS Course Most of the Student Make Various Unnotable Mistakes Which Ruin There Dream to Become a Company Secretary and other Dream associated with it.Some Furious and stupid activities will Distract You From Your Ultimate Goal to Become Company Secretary so always keep distance from unnecessary and irrelevant activities.
There is a Tons of Mistake which most of the student tended to make during their CS Carrier.But I am listing some of the Common and Major Mistake Made by CS Students During Their Company Secretary Study Period.

Here is the List of 5 Mistakes Which Must be Avoided by Company Secretary (CS) Student During CS.

     1. Excessive socialising

You Must Have Heard About the Quote:-

“Everything Beyond Limitation is not Good”

According to the Survey, There are Near 350 Million Internet Users in India.Amongst them, 134 Million Indians uses Social Media like facebook,twitter Whatsapp etc.

A study by Internet & Mobile Association of India. 62.6% Indian Youth spent up
to 10 hours per week of their time on using social networking and reportedly 17.5% of
The youth spent more than 10 hours per week. and Ofcourse More of them Uses Facebook.

Excessive use of  Social media will definitely harm Your Carrier,Time and yes definitely your Health. and consequently, your future prospects.

It is important to manage your study and social media uses hours to find a healthy balance. never forget that your major goal is to Become a Successful company Secretary.

Don’t and Never Use Facebook or Whatsapp During Your Coaching Class Lectures Hours.



     2. Bunking Classes.

Missing lectures and Bunking Classes is not Good Sign for your Future Prospectus.it will show that you are not very serious about your study.
it is also a display of a lack of responsibility.

Often I had seen during my Coaching Classes that Many of the Students are so busy Texting their Friends on Whatsapp,Checking Facebook.

Never do so,it will divert your attention and you cannot able to focus 100% on what your teacher are saying.you can mute or switch off your all electronic device.

Must be Friendly and introductory words your teacher that if you face any problem then they can help you.Do not try to avoid your teachers.contanstly keep communicating with them will help you short out your problem when you faced it.

Never Arrive your Coaching Classes Late.Be on Time.

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     3.Study Smartly Rather than Hardly.

Here I don’t want to confuse that don’t do hard work.Hard work is must required to Crack CS Exam.But only Hard work Cannot Pass You.
Hard work with Smart work or Smart Study will Sure You to Crack CS Exam.

I Seen lots of Friends,They tended to Study Long Hours without even Breaks. Study for long periods of time without taking breaks is Not Good in My Points of View.Because concentrating and staying focused for a long time is almost impossible.
You Must have to Increase a Focus and Deep Concentration in your Whole life to Become a Leading and Successful Company secretary (CS),and Rock Your Feild.There are Various Books on How You Can Increase Your Focus and Concentration in Life.Some of Them You Can Purchase and Read here:-Best Books to Increase Your FOCUS and CONCENTRATION.

You Must Mange Your Time Very Effectively.Time Mangement is one of the must have Qualities in CS Student.


and Doing My Training Too,But Despite that I managed to Write Article For TheCSclubindnia.com Regularly.and it takes me 4-5 Hours to Write 1000-1500 Words Article,so You Can Imagine How I Managed My Time.it’s Very easy,You Have To Focus Towards Your Goal.If You Want Then,You Can Also Write For TheCSclubindia.It will be My Pleasure and Helpful me and Also Our CS  Students  & Community.


After Reading the Book “The 80-20 Principle by Richard Koch” Which Teach You “The 80-20 rule is that 80% of your results will come from 20% of your effort. In managing your time this means about 80% of your achievements will come from 20% of your actions or 20% of your time.

To implement the 80-20 principle STOP. STOP doing what you are doing now and ask, “is this task in the 20% that gives 80% of the results?” If not DO NOT do it. Eliminate the 80% of “waste” and do the 20%.

There is Various Good Written Books on Time Mangement.You Can Find There:-Manage Your Time and Change Your Life



     4.Negative Thinking

Yes, Definitely you will pass.everything will go according to plan. Yes, the exam will ask what you studied. Yes, you’ll get the Marks you want.

Even if things are looking gloomy, why think the Negative and Opposite of that? There are 100’s of factors that we don’t control, including what the exam will cover, how hard the question will it be and the chances for explosive diarrhea that morning.

There are, however, a lot other factors we do control – our mentality, effort, and dedication.So work strongly on those things which are in your control.


“All our dreams can come true… if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney


Never Think Negative Get your weaknesses in check and don’t worry about anything else,Yes Anything else.

Do you regularly think about difficulties, failure and negative thinks about the exam?
Do you keep thinking about the negative news see and hear on the TV, or read in the newspapers?
Do you see yourself stuck and unable to improve your life or your health?
Do you frequently think that you do not deserve happiness or money, or that it is too difficult to get them?


if Your Answer of all the above question is Yes,then you will close your mind, You cannot able see opportunities, and behave and react in such ways, as to offend people and opportunities.

Allow more and more positive perspective into your life. Have more faith in yourself and expect positive results.
Swear and Decide that from today, from this very moment, you are dropping negative thinking behind you, and starting on the way moving positive thinking and behavior.


“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle- Christian D. Larson


The mind often doesn’t judge or examine thoughts and opinions before accepting them. If what it hears, sees and reads are always negative, it accepts this as a standard and truth.so always try to make the positive environment around you.



     5.Over climbing goals, inefficiency and lack of productivity.

This is the Main Problem Among These days among most of the student.They Think and conquer over ambitious and over climbing goals.and Doesn’t act according to their goals.

If You See Big Dream You have to act in a Big Way.

I tended to hear people scheduling 8 hours of their day to study and then crying they’re too tired and that it’s not enough. In reality, they spent 50% of that time daydreaming, checking Facebook, posting Status update as “Hey Guys I’m Studying hard on Facebook and chatting over Whatsapp.

sOORY for Mocking.But Here I trying to Say that ” Study Means the Only Study”.No FB,Whatsapp,Any Phonecall During Study Period.

Here Productivity Matters, not Time.Focus More on OutPut and Less on Input.Try to Produce More Output With Less Input.

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