How To Make CS Exam Study Very Effective

How To Make CS Exam Study Very Effective
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There is No Doubt,Every student is doing very hard work for cs exam at His/her Best . Preparation without clear cut direction and proper strategy leave you Nowhere and Especially for CS Exam. You have to follow Some Strategy and Planning to Make Your CS Exam Study Very Effective.

I Have seen many CS Student studying 5 hours ,6 hours even up to 10 hours. But still, they cannot able to pass CS Exam Easily.

I think there is too Much difference Between Doing Hard work and Doing Effective Study.

Today I will point out very important and Result oriented Strategy which will help you to Make Your CS Exam Preparation Very Effective.


How To Make Your CS Exam Study More Effective?




Routine Study is Very Much Required to develop a Habit. And There is No Doubt Self study is the best form of Study.

As the self-study is driven by self-paced, generally there is a tendency to leave everything for the examination day. This tendency leaves us in difficult situation and students are just cramming at the end minute but without understanding the underlying concepts.

Making study in this way does not bring good results. So, to ensure that you come out with flying colors, follow a regular study pattern.





Forming study group certainly help the distance learning student in clarifying the doubts by group discussions, helping each other in understanding the topics and making a collective study.

In the era of E-learning and computer revolution, an online group may be formed to exchange the information, to make discussions on complicated topics and for another useful purpose.  You May form Secret Fb Group or Whatsapp Group For Group Study.

The study group may also act as a social group for brief relaxation-oriented fun sessions to drive away traces of stress, fears, and frustrations of group members.


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Planning is an essential for getting the things done in a proper and effective manner. Whatever we do, planning plays a very important role. Study for CS course is not different from it.

Your Must ensure that You have a proper  plan for the study. Even the specific plan for each day study would be good and helpful for students in making the study interesting and result oriented. Focused planning always helps one in getting focused and monitors the progress. Simply sitting down to study has little value. You must be very clear about what you want to accomplish during your study times.





If you spend all your time in studying, the output may not be the optimum. It is necessary that you spare some time for fun and your favorite activity. Engage in your favorite activity will help you in the refreshing and making the study in a much fruitful manner.



Study the same subject for a long time may make you bored about the subject. So it is advisable that you do not study the same subject for long. If there are five subjects in your curriculum, you may study two-three subjects at one day. You may change the subject when you feel boredom with the subject.




Discussing what you have studied and understood with your friend helps you in getting your doubts clarified and makes your learning reliable and strong. Find a friend or relative who has similar interests or who has been making the same studies and let them know what’s you have studied and what is going on .

You’ll understand the material better when you have a chance to explain it out and will be motivated to stay on task in order to keep up with the conversation.





Studying is a big commitment and needs time to work on it. Managing time is the best way for students to succeed. By managing your time, other commitments can be fulfilled and you can study without distractions.

You need to balance time. If you are bad at balancing things make a personal timetable. Even if you do not stick to it, you will have an idea what you should be doing each day. This is better than trying to do everything each day and, at the end of the week, not achieve anything.

These “Five Best Time Management Do’s for Students” may  help CS students to get more out of every day, both your studies and during your personal time. These suggestions can increase your success and, most important, help you to have more fun along the way.


Five Best Time Management Do’s for CS Students


1.Plan An Hour Per Day For “Me Time .”:- Give twenty-three hours to your studies , your friends, and your family but keep one hour for yourself. During this hour add a new dimension to your life that is not there because you didn’t feel you had the time for it.  Read the books, learn a hobby, learn a foreign language, develop computer skills, spend time on health development etc.


2.Establish A Regular Reading Program :- It can be just fifteen minutes a day. Even with that small investment, the average person will read fifteen books in a year. Also, consider taking a Speed Reading course. I did. It helped you in increasing your reading rate and comprehension.


3.Overload Your Days :-  Create a daily action plan that includes not only the things you “have to do,” but the things you “want to do.” Parkinson’s Law tells us that a project will tend to expand with the time allocated for it. If we give ourselves one thing to do during the day, it will take us all day. If we give ourselves two things to do during the day, we get them both done.

If we give ourselves twelve things to do, we may not get twelve done, but we may get eight done. Having a lot to do in a day creates a healthy sense of pressure on us to get focused and get it done.


We almost automatically become better time managers, less likely to suffer interruptions, not waste time in meetings, etc. by having a lot to do. (“If you want to get something done, give it to a busy person.”) But don’t overload yourself beyond capacity. There’re only 24 hours in the day and things do take time. Don’t spread yourself too thin.



4.Prioritize Your List Of “Things To Do:- Some of our tasks are “crucial” and some of our tasks are “not crucial.” We have a tendency to gravitate to the “not crucial” items because they are typically quicker, more fun, and easier to do. Identify the most important task you need to do and label it as a “1,” the second most important task as a “2,” etc. Then tackle your items in the order of importance, doing the most important items first.


5.Radiate A Genuine, Positive Attitude:-  Often, like attracts like and it repels the opposite. When you are in a negative mood you tend to repel the positive people who do not want to be strained and drained and brought down by your negativity. This includes your friends, your family, and your teachers.

And, when you are in a negative mood, you have a natural system set up to attract the other negative people to you who want to share their stories of their misery so the two of you can compare experiences to decide who has the worse life. Positive people help to bring us up. Negative people help to bring us down.




Thanks For Reading Friends. if You have Any Suggestion or Advice, Feel Free To Comment below.

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