How to Handle CS Exam Stress

How to Handle CS Exam Stress
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I’m Sure You Will Agree When I say Every CS Student Feel Stress While Preparing For CS Exam. Stress Can Kill Your Exam Preparation.

Today I will Share Some Tips Regarding, How You Can Handle Your Exam Stress During Preparation.

You have to Study At least 5-6 Hours a Day with full concentration to Crack CS Exam in very First Attempt. And We Know Study Daily 5-6 Hours a Day with full attention is Not an Easy To do.

Remember, stress exists for a reason and you can choose to let it be your downfall or use it to drive you to improve your work.

Before Solving Problem, First You Have To Know Why Stress occur.
Researchers have uncovered some common Reasons For Stress:-

  • Low motivation levels.
  • Lack of preparation and planning.
  • High expectations.
  • Competition.

Try To Overcome reason behind your stress. There may be a case where you have demotivated mostly due to failure in CS Exam. Anyone can fail.

There is no such formula to get 100% guaranteed success in CS Exams. You Hav to Give your 100% and hope for best outcomes.

I was Also Faced Too much pressure during the preparation of My CS Exams.
And I can bet Almost all the student facing the similar problem. So, You are Not Alone.

Below I have listed tips regarding how can you handle CS Exam Stress During Preparation time.


     1.Time Out.

To counter mental burnout, take a short break as soon as you notice your mind is losing concentration. Stick to activities that do not break your study.
Take a 10 to 15-minute break every 60 minutes; the human brain can only take 60 minutes straight of studying before it decreases its ability to understand new information.

Avoid television and loud music. You will then be able to come back to your study refreshed.


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     2. Regular sleep pattern.

A regular 6-7 Hours of sleep is necessary for the body to function well. Also, sleep at a regular time; don’t change your sleeping cycle.

It doesn’t matter whether you study late or get up early, as long as you get into the habit of being most alert at the same time as that of the exam. Here I want to tell that follow your routine continuously.



     3.What to eat.

Eat vitamins and proteins Loaded Food, such as green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits, are a must.

The nutrients will help your brain stay sharp. Avoid food with high-fat content.

Don’t drink too much coffee, tea or fizzy drinks.


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     4. NO distractions.

Keep all unimportant issues at bay.

Right now, the CS Examinations should be your only focus. Stay away from distractions that could cause loss of concentration or unwanted anxiety.
Adhere to activities that do not break your study continuum.



     5. Positive thinking

Spend time with people who have a positive effect. It will brush off on you.

Avoid negative thoughts, such as ‘Everyone else seems better Prepared that Me, while I’m struggling.’ ‘I have Not done well in exams before.’

This Types negative thinking can lose your confidence. So, Avoid It.


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     6.Practice relaxation techniques

Practice deep breathing, meditation, and yoga as forms of relaxation. They help your body relax and reduce stress.

If you believe in God, pray before you start studying. Prayer will help you increase confidence reduce your stress as well.


     7. Avoid cramming

 Last minute cram sessions can create a sense of nervousness and panic which leads to more stress and can cause you to forget what you studied. Try approaching each exam with a fresh and clear mind.



     8. Study to learn, not for high marks

Avoid focusing on the result, and what grade you need to get on the exam while you are studying.

Education is about learning; if you put your concentrate on the experience of learning, then the pressure to achieve a particular result diminishes. As demand decreases, productivity increases.


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     9. Focus on one thing at a time

Keep your mind focused on what you are studying in that moment, avoid multi-tasking or studying multiple subjects at the same time.


     10. Remember to Laugh and Lighten Up.

Exams are not life-threatening, yet we treat them like they are. See the lighter side of life, do the best that you can, and

Remember to LAUGH your way through the whole process! The sillier you get, the less tension you will feel.


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