How to Write Answer For Case Studies Question in CS Exam

How to Write Answer For Case Studies Question in CS Exam
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Case studies writing Technic is one of the most vital and discussed subject among cs student because of general and major parts of the cs course contain law.Most of the student are confused how to write case study problem.whether I should just explain the case or write all relevant sections and act.

Don’t worry after reading this article I am sure you will be capable of writing the very good answer to your case law problem.

SO NEXT Question arises how to write case studies problem tended to ask in the exam.The different student writes case law in a different way.everyone has his/her unique idea to write case ideas.

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But did you ever think which is the correct way to write case studies problem given in the cs exam?

I will tell you the best way in which you can write your case studies problem.I don’t challenge that my method of writing case studies is the only way to write.there is better and best way and there is no limit for the best way.


     What should be your Purpose to write case studies?

You have to understand why you are writing case study.every examiner wants to know the REAL SOLUTION for the given case in the exam.so don’t write sections or act name or anything extra forgiven case.try to understand What examiner is expecting from you a real and concrete solution for given case under the boundaries of given law and act.
so whenever you are writing any case study try to give the best advice and solution in the framework of related act and sections.

Here I like to mention a 4 Steps for writing killer case studies questions answer.

     Step 1. Relevant section.

In the first step, your case studies answer try to give reference to the relevant section of the related act and Name of the act.
Example: The given problem is related to section….of the……Act.

     2.Provision of Section

This is second and most vital part of your case law’s answer.
in this step try to Explain the provision of above section you had written in your first step.
Here I try to say that just explain what provisions are contained in the related section of the case studies.

     3.Facts of given problem

This step is a little bit lengthy and explanatory in kinds.in this step, you have explained in detail every fact of the case study question asked in cs exam.
Tips: if you can’t able to explain facts given in the question try to read the question, at least, two or three times. 

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This is a part where examiner examines your ability and knowledge about relevant law and a section of the RELEVANT ACT.
So write very carefully conclusion of the case asked.

for your easy understanding, in other others, I can say you are a judge and give a final verdict about the case.you are going to make a decision about given case law so Make decisions very carefully to conclude case law in the framework of relevant laws and sections.
I know after reading this article you already the idea how to write case laws or case studies problem.but for giving you a more clarity and understanding purpose here I want to write an example for one case study problem.



Monika is employed in Golden ice cream factory, a seasonal establishment.the factory was in operation for 4 months only during a financial year 20015-2016. S was not in continuous service during this period.however, he has worked only for 60 days.Referring to the provisions of payments of gratuity act 1972 decide whether Monika is entitled to gratuity under the act or Not? would your answer be the same in the case of Monika works for 100 days.

Referring to the provisions of payments of gratuity act 1972 decide whether Monika is entitled to gratuity under the act or Not? would your answer be the same in the case of Monika works for 100 days.

Did you understand this question or not,? I hope u have..if not then listen this question is from Section 2A of Payments of gratuity act 1972 about continuous service.




The given case law problem relates to the provision of section 2A of Continuous service in payments of gratuity act 1972.



a) as per section 2A an employee is said to be in continuous service for one year if he does continuously work for 1 year without interruption, including an interruption on account of an accident, sickness, laid off etc.

b)if MONIKA is not in continuous service as per above point and work in a regular establishment then she should work for 75% of the season’s total days.


In the given problem Monika was an employee with golden ice cream factory which is not a regular establishment.Monika was not in a continuous service but she worked for 75% of the total days of the season.


As per comparing the facts of the given problem with provision of section 2A it can be concluded that,
a)Monika worked for 60 days which does not satisfy the condition of 2A (Because she should have worked for 90 days i.e 75% of total season days which is 120 days or 4 months), in case of seasonal establishment, require working days will be
75% of the season,hence Monika will be not able to receive gratuity.

b)an answer will be different in case of Monika who worked for 100 days.because it satisfies condition of sec 2A for 75% working days in a season.
Thank You for reading friend.if you have any advice or any suggestion feel free notify me.

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