What Will Company Secretary Be Like In The Next 10 Years?

What Will Company Secretary Be Like In The Next 10 Years?
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Company Secretary is a Profession Which is Regulated by Institute of Company secretaries of India,a Professional Body Established in 1980 Regulated under an act of parliaments.

You Already Know There is Quote”OLD IS GOLD”.



You cannot Compare CA with CS or CMA with CS.There is Enormous Reason behind This. ICSI Established in 1980 Where It’s Parallel Body Like institute of Chartered Accountant of Accountant of India Established in 1949.and Institute of Cost Accountants of India Established in 1961.


This is Also One of the reasons Why CS Course is Not Known by Everybody and Every Where. Rather iTS Now Known By More Person Than Previous Period and It increasing Day by Day.After 10 years The Scenario of Company Secretary Course is Differently Changed and it Has 5-7 Times More Value and Demand Than Current Periods.



ICSI Have Near 42000+ Members Where ICAI(CA Institute Had 2,00,000+ Members),And Of course CA Institute is Much Older(Established in 1949) Than CS Institute.CA has It’s Own Role in it’s Field and CS has Own Role in its Area.So never Try to Compare CA with CS or CMA with CS. All Professional Courses are Prestigious and valuable.


Simple Point I here want to make that Doesn’t Beleive in the Rumours that Whether CS is Not Good Course?Can CS Professional Get Good Salary or Not?Whether Future of CS is Secure or Not?.Etc..Etc.


Just Focus on Your Goal and Believe Yourself not Others and Chase Your Dream.You Definitely Get Success.




There are Two Types of Professional Engaged Company Secretary(cs).One is Doing Job and another is Doing Practice.There is Very Low CS Professional Doing Its Own Practice. Currently, According to ICSI, There is only Near 7,000+ out of 42,000+ CS Who is in Own Practice.
ICSI stepping towards Various Initiative to Encourage CS Professional to do Own Practice.and I am sure in Near Future More and More CS are Tended to Prefer its own Office and Practice Rather Than Doing 10.00-5.00 Job.and Ofcourse More and More CS Coming to Practice will definitely Change the Approach and Identity Behind CS Course in Near Future.
Nearly 1,00,000 Companies are Registred Annually in India each Year.
Till Current Period 15,00,000+ Companies Consisting large,medium and small companies are Registered in india.


With Enactment of New Companies Act Which focus on compliance laws in terms of filing tax returns, disclosures and auditing. Offences by companies, both small and big, will attract penalty. So, the role of a company secretary is becoming important soon.


With the Increasing Number of Companies Coming in India and also Introduction of new Companies Act Which Requires Every company will have to get annual returns signed by a company secretary,will Definitely Increase Demand of CS Profession in Coming days.
There are Both Sides of the Coin You Have to Think about. As More and More There is Enormous Competition Coming in CS Profession.



     Knowledge Matters.


Only Well Knowledged and Well Versed with Various laws and Provisions CS Professional Get Placed in well- reputed companies and firms.so rather than focusing on How to Pass CS Exam?,Focus on How To Gain More and More Knowledge?.


     All-in-One Matters.

In Recent coming years More and More CS Professional are Qualified.so with increasing numbers of CS Professional Competitions also increases.

The company always prefers All-in-One Candidates.Here All-In-One Candidates Means The Professionals which have also knowledge about taxation,accounting with various laws.here I am not pre-assuming to say that professionals with cs+llb or cs+ca are preferred.


But,Think, If any Company wants to appoint Legal Head of the company then they always prefer candidates with CS+LLB, why they prefer only candidates with CS when they have opportunity to select the candidates having CS+LLB degree.??



I AM SURE in Next 10 Years Compliance requirements will be More Strict and stricter day by day.and Company Secretary (CS) Profession Will Rock its Feild and will be One of the Most Reputed and Prestigious Profession in india with Wide Known and wide Accepted too.


If you have any advise or suggestion,please don’t hesitate to comment.

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Comments (19)

  • thank u sir i think ur info is correct

  • Hello sir,
    I am in Mumbai local – travelling from_______ .I was so much depressed as everyone around me tells that CS has very less future
    Why you have choosen this course? You would have done some other course. But after readin g the blog, I feel relief now. Imp. Thing is to gain knowledge as much as I can .So I will focus on all. And will work accordingly .


  • Bro Regarding Future No one is Secured even engineers and doctors are getting unemployed…so???

    don’t feel stucky…there is too much competition in every field that’s why future is not secured for any course..be expert in your feild .gain as much as knowledge in your feild you’ll never be unemployed or less future secured…

  • Hello Sir
    I am in professional programme and preparing for second module. Should I start Llb at this stage or later??


  • I am a CA and CWA with 28 years experience. My daughter is following only CS and I advised her to do so. I saw CS syllabus . Its a very comprehensive syllabus covering all aspects of Finance, Accounts, Corporate Governance etc.. etc.. So be rest assured you have a bright future if you can learn the work deeply after passing. It all depends upon you.

  • Thanks For Your Very Valuable Comment Debashis Sir.

  • Sr I’m pursuing bcom graduation, I have already completed 5sem .bt one subject of 4sem is failed, I want to reappear it in this last semester n also University will gives a chance to reappear it now.
    Sr I want to take admission at executive level in cs,
    Is it Compulsory pass all semesters? Except last semester. Sr please tell me. I’m rural student.

  • Sr I’m pursuing bcom graduation, I have already completed 5sem .bt one subject of 4sem is failed, I want to reappear it in this last semester n also University will gives a chance to reappear it now.
    Sr I want to take admission at executive level in cs,
    Is it Compulsory pass all semesters? Except last semester. Sr please tell me. I’m rural student.

  • yes it is neccessary to pass all the semester to get admitted in cs executive.

  • Bt, Sr the ICSI call centre – told me that am eligible to make registration at executive level, by submitting all sem marks cards n last semester admit card.
    n also they told me the ICSI will gives 6month to appload all documents .if I failed to upload all documents within 6mnt, the registration cancles n the amount of money refunded to me. Sr?? ?? ?

  • yes.its called provisional admission.go for it..

  • Thank you Sr….

  • Hello saurav pathak. I like your blog. Now i am bit confused i have cleared two groups of professional and awaiting result of 3rd group in feb. Should i go for llb?. Only thing is it will take 3 more years to do llb and there is a urge in me to start earning?. Please provide your advice


  • which degree is best to take along with CS course?

  • it depends upon various things sagar like persons interests….his/her weaknesses or strenghth…

  • Hi
    Now I am cs foundation student
    And I do bba then MBA
    It is good or not compare to law

  • yes it is very good sourabh..mba with cs is very promising option.


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